What the options for editing 4K video on a new M1 powered Mac mini in a domestic environment? Does WiFi6 and a remote NAS provide enough bandwidth and what are the other options? How fast is 10Gb and do we really need it? TLDR; at the end.

Home rack
Home rack
I know it’s messy. In my defence I do software.

I recently upgraded a number of networking components in my home network and realised I was probably close to peak network, at least in a domestic environment.

The key components are a pair of new with 4x4 MU-MIMO for my home WiFi, a UniFi 6 XG Switch that…

OnDMARC takes a look at what 2018 might have in store for the tech community.

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It’s that time of year when we look back at the past 12 months, attempt some crystal ball-gazing and see if we can make some salient predictions about the lay of the land in 2018. We intend to revisit this post in another 12 months and see what we got right and what we did not! I’ve also invited my co-founder Randal Pinto to offer his insights too, so without further delay, here’s our forecast for 2018.


Cryptocurrency has shot to fame in the past few years. I first started mining Bitcoin back in 2013 with my

DMARC is a widely supported, standards based approach to email security. However that statement can also often cause confusion as it can suggest that organisations just get it by default. In this post we look at what it really means to ‘have’ DMARC.

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DMARC is a widely adopted security standard that provides protocol level security. But what does that mean for you? Do you automatically have it? Maybe you have heard that Microsoft, Google or your Cisco appliance supports DMARC so do you, as a business, need to do anything? Don’t you just ‘have’ DMARC?

Well, not quite.

The DMARC standard has 2 parts, one for receivers and another for senders. The widely supported part is the receivers, practically all email receivers such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo etc implement this part of it.

You can think about it in terms of HTTPS, the little green security…

By now, even people who may never had heard of computer worms or ransomware have heard about #WannaCry. What just happened and how can these learnings help us better prepare our organisations for the next generation of attacks.

Better localisation than most commercial software

WannaCry is the largest ransomware infection in history with over hit with an infection that encrypts the contents of Windows machines and demands bitcoin payment with the promise to unlock the file system and restore access to said files.

How did this happen?

On April 14th, 2017, a few weeks ago at time of writing, a group called Shadowbrokers dumped a bunch of internal software tools from the NSA. These are tools nation states create or purchase to exploit weaknesses in the software you know and use as part of an ongoing digital arms race.

Somehow, Shadowbrokers had managed to get hold…

A hole in the way the global email infrastructure works exposes every business to cyber-criminals. DMARC is a new security protocol that secures your email, protects your clients and improves the deliverability of every email you send.

When we started , we wanted to unlock the data hidden in every business, and help decision makers make better choices as they grow and adapt to ever-changing conditions. We began with deep email integration — simply because it’s a datastore that every single person in every business has. We’ve all got thousands of emails with to-do lists, client contacts and meetings and attachments we were meant to look at. This is a tremendous consolidated view of our digital lives.

As we built a platform to transform this data into insight, we knew that security was going to be…

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have accepted $2 million in seed capital led by and . We are excited to have such a well respected group of investors who believe in the team and our vision along for the ride.

When I first started the process, I took some time to talk to a few founders in my network who had recently been involved in early stage fundraising. While this , I wanted to get a sense of what raising a seed from institutional investors in 2016 was like…

Last summer, we created our most ambitious startup to date. Today, we are lifting the lid on how we plan on fundamentally changing the way people engage with data.

A look back

Redsift was born of a personal frustration of mine. I have been responsible for creating and commercialising non-trivial technology for ~15 years. If you think back to your first iPhone and the excitement of mass market App adoption, most likely your first few downloads .

Shazam was the sort of product that the technologist in me truly loved, a simple idea coupled with fiendishly complex technology to…

Rahul Powar

Technologist, Entrepreneur, TCK. Founder & CEO of @redsift. Previously creator of @shazam, VP @thomsonreuters, founder & CEO of @apsmart (acquired 2012).

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