Breaking the Gigabit

What the options for editing 4K video on a new M1 powered Mac mini in a domestic environment? Does WiFi6 and a remote NAS provide enough bandwidth and what are the other options? How fast is 10Gb and do we really need it? TLDR; at the end.

Home rack
I know it’s messy. In my defence I do software.
Probably as good as WiFi gets in 2021.
What these files were originally sitting on
WiFi 6 connection at -56dBm signal
iperf3 via the in built 1Gb port on a M1 Mac mini
Runs hotter than the Mac Mini. No joke.
iperf3 via the Thunderbolt 10Gb adaptor on a M1 Mac mini
We can consider the 140MB/s from the external LaCie hard drive a minimum speed requirement

What does it all mean?

Let’s break up some boring tech talk with a bucket list destination

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